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Dead Grass Over Your Septic Tank During Summer Months? Why That Isn't A Problem

Have you noticed brown patches of grass above your septic tank & system during hotter, drier months and aren't sure what to make of it? This is a commonly shared occurrence with many home owners, and while it may be detrimental to the aesthetic of your yard, it is not an indicator of a septic system issue.

What Can Be Done To Fix It?

Most likely the grass has turned brown because there is not enough soil between the septic tank and the grass roots and the location of the tank gets direct sunlight all day. While the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) calls for a minimum of 6" coverage over your tank, this may not be enough for your grass to thrive.

Try addressing this issue by adding more soil above your tank.

Before you add more soil you must first determine the depth between your tank openings and current grade. The DPH code allows no more than 12" of coverage over the manhole openings on your septic tank. If you wish to add more than 12" of soil then you should call your septic company and have them install risers over the inlet and outlet openings of your septic tank.

We hope this tidbit helps rest any worries you may have had concerning the grass above your septic system. Just remember, the grass is (not) always greener (above your septic tank).

If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to shoot us an email any time.

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